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Welcome to the Blind Planet

Welcome to The Blind Planet! The Blind Planet is a rapidly-growing web site that offers a lot of valuable information for the blind community, and / or for those people who are interested in learning about blindness and how blind people go about their daily lives. Regardless of whether you are blind, sighted, a novice or a professional at technology, or are just searching for help and / or information on a particular topic, you will definitely find the Blind Planet to be one of your favorite web sites very quickly.

I have a variety of material available for you to browse through. You will find many audio podcasts and tutorials on different topics. These can range from software and hardware reviews / tutorials on different software programs and hardware devices that blind people use on a daily basis to sound-seeing tours of places such as museums, parks, etc. You will find audio files from not only myself, but I post audio files that others create as well so you can hear about the experience of other blind individuals in the community. The Blind Planet is a community-driven site, which means that the growth of the site depends heavily on its users and contributions from the blind community. You can even submit your own audio files to the site yourself. There are links to many blindness-related web sites that focus on specific topics related to blindness, as well as links to many blindness-related mailing lists where you can ask questions on certain topics and make new friends with others in the blind community. I have also compiled a constantly-growing list of documents and programs that I’ve found on the internet over time that you may find useful.

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I have an RSS feed that you can put into your podcatching client to get the latest audio content from my site. The link to the audio podcast feed is:

User Submissions

If you have always wanted to be able to share your podcasts with others but did not have a place to host them, or if you simply did not know how to do it, you’ve come to the right place! Blind Planet will host your podcast for you for free. I have a very simple process for you to upload your submission so that it can be made available to other site visitors. Simply activate this link to visit the podcast submission page, or click on the “Submissions” link in the site’s navigation bar to get there. You will be presented with a form you can use to upload your podcast. Once your upload is complete, your submission must be manually reviewed and approved by a site administrator before it goes live on the site. Once this is done, you will receive an email informing you when it is publicly available on the site for others to listen to.

Audio Podcasts and Tutorials

My podcast section contains many podcasts and tutorials on many different subjects. These include reviews and demonstrations of many popular software programs and hardware devices that are used in the blind community. You will also find other useful information such as cooking podcasts, sound-seeing tours and more!

News Aggregator

The news aggregator is a system that checks various internet sites for blindness-related news every hour, and if new content is available, downloads it to the Blind Planet for you to read in the news aggregator section at your convenience. The news aggregator also has it’s own RSS feed which you can add to your RSS reader. The URL to the news aggregator’s RSS feed is

The Blind Planet News Aggregator is your hub to all of the latest news about the blind community.

Web Links

I’ve compiled a list of resources, which include links to many different places on the internet. These links lead to many useful blindness-related web sites, friends’ sites, blogs, informational web sites, shopping web sites for blindness-related items, screen-reader manufacturers / developer sites, scripts, utilities, accessible games, programming sites, audio-related web sites, podcasts, tutorials and lots of other cool stuff!

Software Programs

My software programs section contains many useful software programs, scripts and utilities. If you have a program that you would like to see added to this list, please contact me and let me know.


If you would like to help by making a contribution to the Blind Planet web site, please visit our donations page. Your donations go towards expanding the web site and server colocation services to keep the site running.