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Talking Vision Episode 398 15th November 2017

This week on Talking Vision, we speak with a heritage braille globe created by Richard Frank Tunely in the 1950s is being replicated through the efforts of the State Library of Queensland. We hear from Director of Content Management, Margaret Witton, about the history of the globe, its cultural significance and about Tunley himself.

Karen Knight was a young school girl in the 1970s and joins us to discuss her memories of the globe and explain its tactile features.

Also on the program, Distinguished blind Australian, Emeritus Professor Ron McCallum AM was recently honoured with the David Blyth Award in recognition of his work to improve the quality of life of blind and vision impaired Australians.  Stephen Jolley speaks with Ron to reflect on his achievements over the years.

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Talking Vision 2017 AGM Special

Talking Vision 2017  Vision Australia AGM Special 29th October 2017

Vision Australia held it’s Annual General Meeting on Wednesday 25th October. In this special Talking Vision you hear can highlights from the AGM and other proceedings

    Chair Andrew Moffet CEO Ron Hooton Academic and retiring board member Theresa Smith Ruig

Talking Vision Episode 395 25th October 2017

Ahmet Ustel is one of three winners of the Holman prize that funds the dreams and adventures for people who are blind or have low vision. Ahmet is a kayker and plans to cross the 3km Bosphorus Strait, a strait that forms the continental boundary between Europe and  Asia. To achieve this Ahmet is developing a suite of non-visual guidance technology. Ahmet talks about his early life in Turkey and his love of the Bosphorus Strait, and water in general, and the initial inspiration behind developing the technology. Also on the program, Vision Australia’s retail services manager Andrew Wheeler chats about the exciting new range of merchandise now available from our shops – just in time for Christmas.

Talking Tech 24th October 2017

Talking Vision Episode 394 18th October 2017

This week, Dr Fred Schroeder, President of the world blind union, was recently in Australia on invitation from Blind Citizens Australia for its 2017 national convention. While in the country Dr Schroeder  visited other blindness organisations and we were honoured to have the opportunity to speak with him.

Stephen Jolley leads this conversation, which ranges from Dr Schroeder’s early life; his denial of being blind and his eventual acceptance, to his education and self-advocacy in his early career and his on-going advocacy for all people who are blind or have low vision.

It’s an illuminating conversation and Dr Schroeder he is an eloquent, intelligent and inspiring speaker.