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Replay Radio Recording Software

This podcast was submitted by Petro Giannakopoulos. This contributor may be contacted via their email at

Replay Radio is made by Applian Technologies.

Replay Radio is the best way to enjoy all your favorite radio shows and
stations. Automatically records on a schedule.

Watch this short Replay Radio introduction video. Click the play button.
If it does not work look at the Replay Radio website for a link called
Record Radio Shows with the all new Replay Radio
Click the play button.

Skype Interview with Applian Technologies
Coming soon.

Blind Tech Support
Do you need help with Replay Radio?
E-mail Contact,

Replay Radio One Year Subscription Special
You are one of the first to learn about this Replay Radio $14.95 one year
subscription special. You save $15 off the regular price.

Applian Technologies Replay Radio Renewal Pricing
It depends on their initial subscription. If someone is a brand new RR
subscriber then it is $29.95 per year. If they are an existing Replay Radio
or Replay AV owner and upgrade to RR9 then it is $9.95 per year. The special
$14.95 offer I provided to your blog / forum customers also renews at $14.95
per year.

Petro adds, new subscribers can take advantage of the $14.95 special offer
for $14.95 one year subscription and then renew at $14.95 thereafter.

Replay Radio Accessibility
Replay Radio works with JAWS and NVDA as of April 24, 2015.

Are there any Window Eyes users using Replay Radio?

What is Replay Radio

User Guide

Download – Choose Download button

If you want to know how to get this special offer price for a one year
subscription to Replay Radio please email me and place in subject line
Replay Radio Special.
I will provide you the website URL address to use to obtain this special
You click the link in the email or copy and paste it in your browser.
The order form will show up.
Very simple order form.
Double check your spelling for your e-mail address when you place your

Replay Radio Important Usage Tip
To make a tab active within Replay Radio you must click your enter keyboard
key first on a tab to make it the active tab then proceed into its
properties with your tab keyboard key. The tabs are found by using your
right or left arrow keys and when focus on a tab like recording, tuning or
advanced you press your enter keyboard key on the tab and you will hear your
screen reader say checked for that tab you made active. The only exceptions
are and not needed are for the Schedule and My Recordings tab list views
found on main interface. See below.

Replay Radio has a menu bar and simple user interface.

The main interface has two tabs called Schedule and My Recordings. They are
both list view lists. When you hear Schedule tab spoken press right arrow
key to hear the My Recordings tab. While focus is on the My Recordings tab
list view press your left arrow key to go back to the Schedule tab list

While you have focus on either the Schedule tab or the My Recordings tab
list views press your tab key to view the active tab list view entries
contents. Since its your first time in the list view it will say 0 items
because you have not added any entries for the Schedule list view list.

To jump inside either tab’s list view, use ctrl+tab while inside either list
view to view its contents.

The Schedule tab List View
Contains your scheduled events / entries.
Radio stations, podcasts, shows added via the Replay Radio media guide via
+add type links.
Contains any entries you added manually via the add show manually button
found on main interface of RR9. You will need the listen stream or RSS media
feed URL address in order to use the add show manually button.

My Recordings tab List View
Shows any recordins you have made. FLV MP3 as an example.

Selecting an entry while in the list view
First place focus on an entry in your Schedule tab list view by using your
up or down arrow keys or first letter navigation.
To edit the properties of an entry in the Schedule list view press your
enter key. The scheduler window opens for your entry you’ve selected.

My Recordings tab list view entries
Use applications key or shift+F10 on an entry to see the available options.
New users should try the following. Your entry is showing you this FLV file
and you want it to be an MP3. Use applications key and choose the save as
MP3option in the list with enter key. Your original FLV recording will be
converted to MP3.

VCr style recorder for your audio.
Replay Radio can cappture multiple streams silently in the background
allowing you to use your computer for other tasks.
Called Direct Download in the scheduler window edit properties.
Do not choose spacebar to check mark the box for the mute the volume within
the scheduler window. Leave the mute the volume checkbox unchecked or you
will lose your speech output. Just do not touch it.
Each scheduled entry can be preset to be converted to another format type
a recording has finished automatically within its dedicated schedule window
properties. You will have two files one will be the original and the other
the converted file format you set within the dedicated schedule window for
say your radio station.
Can be set globally to automatically convert all recordings you make to a
particular format.

Is a tuner allowing you to play your stations and shows without having to
record them. You must have the correct media player to play certain audio /
video file types on your system.
File converter.
Quick Record button recorder for on the fly type recordings.

The web based style Replay media guide is accessible.

You can email Applian to add your radio station, show or podcast to the
media guide if you can’t fill in the form.

Replay Radio does not have to be running in the background for it to record
your scheduled radio station, show or download the podcasts as it will
activate itself when its time for it to do a particular task.

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